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Hi and we welcome you to our website. We are happy that you are here and thank you for stopping by. We at Locksmith Mercer Island, WA are specialists in locksmith services. We provide excellent solutions for your locksmith and security requirements. We strive to provide all our customers a trustworthy service at great value for money prices. When looking for a reliable service for anything from creating duplicates for lost keys to security solutions for your residential or commercial property, call us. We will bring you our tried and tested solutions that work. Get in touch with us at any time and get a free estimate. Our service is available to you 24/7. We work on weekends and holidays. Listed below are the services we excel at.

Create duplicate keys

Lost keys are always a huge inconvenience. Office drawers, your home door, your vehicle are impossible to access when the keys get lost or are misplaced. Open doors, drawers, cupboards, trunks with the high-quality duplicate keys we create. Call us for your all and any duplicate key requirements. We work fast and provide duplicates quickly. We are well-aware that keys can get misplaced at any time of the day or week. We are right here to get to your assistance 24/7.

Superior quality locks

Locks are an important aspect of home and office security. Locks on home doors, commercial spaces and home or office storage areas protect everything that's inside and keep intruders out. Inferior quality locks compromise security. They may be easy to break and, in this way, compromise personal security. Valuables may also get stolen this way leading to losses. Top quality locks are designed from superior materials. They are strong and dependable. We provide the best locks at economical prices. The locks we provide and install are made by the best lock manufactures. We can also assist you in choosing the locks best suited for your requirement.

Security alarm systems

Peace of mind is possible when you know that your home and office are protected by the best security alarm systems. Any attempts at break-ins by intruders’ triggers the alarm and the police, you and us, we are all notified and the security breach can be stopped right away. Security alarm systems also work as a deterrent. Burglars may think twice before attempting a break in when an alarm system is in place. We at Mercer Island, WA locksmith are experts at providing the latest and most modern security alarms at reasonable prices.

Securing exit points

Doors and windows lead into your commercial or residential property and out of it. Unless they are properly secured with high quality security solutions, they pose a vulnerability that may be breached by intruders. Secure you home and office by securing every exit point on your property. We provide everything from locks to excellent security solutions that work to make each exit point highly secure.

Security management

Your commercial or residential property becomes secure when every security vulnerability is addressed and security measures are put in place. When you call us for this requirement, we first undertake a detailed audit of the current security in place. We then offer solutions, install and implement measures that take care of all security aspects. Call us now and take steps to make your home and office safe.

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